At DVS, CSR is a major element of the company’s development and we have developed a programme based on 5 pillars:

  • health at work,
  • ethics,
  • professional equality, discrimination and harassment,
  • a green team,
  • and a programme on the Vendredi.cc platform

The subject of health at work is at the heart of our concerns. We are as concerned with moral well-being as we are with physical well-being. To this end, we have set up :

  • A water fountain, so that our employees can hydrate themselves,
  • Furniture adapted to the comforts of working over long periods,
  • Indoor football sessions

Recently, in order to improve the straightness of the back, we have made kneeling chairs available. We also offer massage sessions, done by a professional, which has been greatly appreciated. All of these measures are designed to promote health but also a job well done!

As far as ethics are concerned, we have set ourselves two objectives. Firstly, we want to define ethics according to our values, our activities and our core business, in order to have an ethics specific to DVS. We want to define an ethic that must integrate our way of thinking, our way of acting and our way of communicating. Our second objective is to share it with everyone by drawing up a charter covering about ten themes.

Our professional equality, discrimination and harassment project currently has three objectives. Firstly, we want to raise awareness among employees through two mechanisms: firstly, via the Vendredi.cc platform, employees are encouraged to discover concepts on the subject with challenges and exercises, and secondly, by making leaflets on the subject available. Then, our second objective is to communicate well internally through a display. Finally, we communicate on the protocol, in case of discrimination or harassment, via a protocol for listening and helping within the company.

A green team has been formed to help the company reduce its carbon footprint. But how? Simply by taking action and communicating on the subject of global warming. We carry out a lot of actions such as awareness-raising work on climate issues, waste sorting, paper recycling and the purchase of second-hand supplies. This is a major issue for us and we are working tirelessly to reduce our carbon footprint.

In order to support us in all these CSR initiatives, we rely on the online platform Vendredi.cc, which allows us to discover and become aware of CSR issues in a different way, particularly through missions and challenges. The platform has the advantage of being easy to use and teaches us in a more fun way!