Board is a modelling platform from the EPM family. With Board, a new application can be built from scratch (from the data model to the dashboards and calculation procedures). An existing Board application can also be used as a starting point for a new application (e.g. by reusing a POC or using an off-the-shelf application).

Board offers two hosting solutions: On Premise or Cloud.

Board Cloud is a SaaS solution that covers the cost of licences, hosting and support by the publisher. As a customer, you do not have to manage the infrastructure. It is the editor who takes care of it and allows access to the application at any time and on all terminals, simply with an Internet connection.

With the On Premise solution, the customer, who can be accompanied by DataValue Strategy’s board experts, is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the application on its servers (physical or VM).

The advantages and benefits of Board :

  • Centralisation of (heterogeneous) data for advanced calculations and analyses that support decision making.
  • Modelling of workflows within a common platform that allows the homogenisation of processes.
  • Wide functional coverage: as a platform, the modelling capabilities are very extensive and allow us to meet various needs in Finance, HR, Supply Chain, etc.
  • Significant flexibility, allowing applications to be built in batches or deployed in phases for different entities within an organisation.
  • Board’s native connectors allow it to integrate with all application landscapes, both for data input and output.

Board is designed for all companies, all businesses, all functional areas.

How to get started with Board?

In all the stages of deployment of the Board solution: from the installation for an On-Premise solution, to the conception/realisation of the application, the training of the users and up to the post-production technical-functional administration, the expert consultants of DataValue Strategy accompany their customer.

The expertise of DataValue Strategy allows to answer the needs in terms of analysis, planning, simulation, reporting…, for any type of organisation, whatever the sector of activity.