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Welcome to DVS, the committed and performance-oriented consulting firm.
Really young and really dynamic

Created in 2019, Data Value Strategy is first and foremost a close-knit team that works hand in hand to carry out innovative and effective projects around EPM topics while respecting our values.

Growing together

At DVS, we are human, committed and innovative. This helps us to grow collectively and individually. We help each other every step of the way, supporting each other, being caring and supportive. It shows in our events, in our advice and in our actions.


... Bringing together a team, uniting talents and energies around common values

Being a close-knit team is essential at DVS. We share the same values, we help each other, we grow together to go further while remaining united.

We like to regularly program events outside the premises to share sports or relaxation moments together. And of course, there is no lack of opportunities to organize festive aperitifs at the end of the day.

Our values
Values within the company...

Our values bring us together and make us a united team. They allow us to grow together and achieve our goals.

... that all our employees share

Our values are shared by all our employees and are reflected in all our professional and personal projects.

Designing original and exclusive solutions to provide convincing answers to our clients' problems.
Surpassing yourself
To go beyond, to go further, is a value that we advocate at DVS. We want everyone to reach their goals and exceed their expectations.
Supportive and committed
At DVS, we have built a close-knit team and a healthy atmosphere to work in. We are committed to respecting the environment and fighting global warming.
Playing collectively
We want to be a united team and to bring us together collectively, whether it be in a project or during our events.
Growing together
All together, we seek to evolve and advance each other to grow as an entity.
Convinced of the talents of each individual, we encourage personal initiative in a caring and supportive environment.