Our services
The DataValue Strategy team combines an experience of more than 15 years in consulting and an ability to innovate on new technologies, to help you make your projects a success!
EPM Business Consulting
Improve the performance management of the following functions: Finance, S&OP, HR, Tax and legal…
Accelerate planning and make budget dialogue more fluid
Process Improvement Consulting
Inform and facilitate decision making thanks to the contributions of AI.
Optimize and automate (RPA) production processes (no code).
Streamline and centralize back office activities in SSCs.
Implementation of the solutions
Designing and implementing reference solutions.
Assistance in the management of major transformation programs.
Setting up Centers of Excellence (internal / external).
Editing of business verticals

Provide proven answers to the needs of the following functions:

  • Finance (Modern Finance; predictive P&L; Activity-Based Costing),
  • S&OP (Replanishment, Sales forecasting),
  • Marketing (Advertisement & Promotion effiency),
  • HR (People Costs),
  • Tax & Legal (Transfer pricing),
  • IT (IT costing, billing, capacity management, OPEX/CAPEX forecasting),
  • Procurement (Raw Material Price Purchase Variance).
Our convictions

Putting these beliefs into practice through projects, showing results and rapid improvements, while optimizing human capital and presenting a beneficial ROI

Facilitate the implementation of our clients' strategy...

by enhancing the value of data and decompartmentalizing information

Progress through the contributions of new technologies...

improving velocity, anticipation and decision making within the company

Projecting towards the future...

by arousing curiosity to discover, experiment, and define the activity of tomorrow

Triple expertise


Finance/controlling, HR, Procurement, Supply...


☞ A duty to advise

Technology Platform


Exclusive apps (HR, Transfer Price, IT costing, ...)

☞ Solutions adapted to business needs

Management of major projects

Experienced in EPM programs / multicultural environments

☞ Securing your projects

The EPM firm committed!