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Business planning in the cloud

Pioneer in cloud-based scheduling. Anaplan has established itself as the benchmark solution for large enterprises.

Thanks to a viral effect, planning now involves all business functions. This extended collaboration is made possible by Connected Planning.

With the promise of enabling business users to be fully autonomous in the use and administration of their solution, Anaplan has enabled the emergence of pre-packaged solutions covering a wide range of finance, sales, supply and HR functions.

Management of media creations

For a major French perfume and cosmetics company, implementation of an Anaplan media creation management application to replace Excel in order to eliminate manual tasks and secure data.

Business intelligence and performance management combined

As a long-standing provider of reporting solutions, Board offers an alternative through its on-premise offering.

With its advanced consolidation and controlling features, Board has convinced many finance departments.

A true two-in-one solution (reporting + controlling), Board can be used at no extra cost for complementary uses: analytical accounting, management consolidation, budgeting, operational management, analytics, etc.

Analytical piloting for the AIFE.

For the AIFE (Agency for State Financial Information), implementation of the interministerial cost accounting program: development of the common base, definition of business needs, creation of analytical models and maintenance of the system.

The cognitive technology that enables decision intelligence

Aera is a cutting-edge solution for decision making that centralizes all of the organization’s information intelligence.

A hybrid solution (transactional/analytical), Aera provides answers where Anaplan stops.

Aera is a true analysis and simulation platform with a large library of proven algorithms and a powerful artificial intelligence engine.

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The new generation of business planning

Pigment is a must-have solution for fast-growing companies (French Tech) thanks to its GCP-based architecture.

A new entrant in the cloud planning space, Pigment aims to replace Excel and Google Sheet.

Leveraging a modern architecture, Pigment’s engineers capitalize on their experience acquired in ultra high-volume environments.
Large accounts are the editor’s next targets.
Simplified and dematerialized expense report management

Jenji offers an expense management solution that not only simplifies the life of employees, but also prevents legal risks.

Building on its success, Jenji is further enhancing the user experience by offering its Visa payment solution.

Our customers are also sensitive to the ROI of the solution (thanks to the systematic recovery of VAT).

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