Implementation of preconceived solutions on specific businesses

The end of SAP PCM maintenance by the editor forces its users to migrate to another solution like Anaplan.

Ana PCM Converter is a preconfigured solution for migrating SAP PCM models to Anaplan. Based on RPA (Robotic Process Automation), it allows an automatic conversion. Its “Attended” mode offers a high level of control (existence and integrity) and limits user interaction to the strict minimum (rules with scripts).

The +

Its use allows to drastically reduce the duration of the migration step (about ten minutes!) while securing the results thanks to the embedded controls.


For international groups, transfer pricing and the associated tax risk are among the top three concerns of finance departments. Indeed, tax authorities are becoming more and more vigilant and better equipped to analyze and control transfer prices.

This proven Anaplan App (CAC40 clients) is compatible with the OECD 2020 standards of the BEPS project. This solution is parametric, meaning that it allows a functional user to modify the management rules in total autonomy. The following methods are natively available: Cost+, Resale-, CUP, TNNM and Profit Split.

The +

The use of this App allows to

  • secure the implementation of tax policies, from their definition to their execution,
  • accelerate the production of transfer prices and gain in efficiency,
  • ensure complete traceability of calculations,
  • analyze and justify the differences between forecast and actual.
DVS Price Purchase Variance

The high volatility of commodity prices requires quick and informed decisions.

The +

This App, initially created for companies in the Food & Beverage sector, facilitates the management of variances and has a pre-configured simulation component.


In a tight labor market, salary inflation is a reality that organizations must deal with. Controlling and forecasting the evolution of its payroll is a management imperative.

People Costs is a pre-configured Anaplan solution that reconciles CFOs, HR departments and operational departments through a collaborative approach. It is designed for large accounts with multiple departments or establishments and combines :

  • A Top-Down approach for directives from the central office (budgetary framework for general and individual budgets)
  • A bottom-up approach for managers who can work at the employee level
The +

Its use allows to fluidify the management dialogue between stakeholders thanks to its customizable workflow, to gain in robustness and in efficiency thanks to its integrated consolidation engine.


The IT function must regularly justify its economic performance (cost/value ratio).

This set of modules is intended for IT departments and covers the following needs:

  • calculation of the cost of IT services according to the CIGREF reference system.
  • invoicing of internal or external customers for services consumed.
  • performance management of IT department activities.
The +

The use of these modules provides convincing results that can be used against third parties (Business or General Management) within a limited timeframe thanks to its preconfigured model.

In addition, the CIGREF repository used allows a dialogue between peers in complete autonomy.

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