Sales & Operations

Economic instability requires operational agility.
The stakes
Gather and structure forecasts for the various markets.
Adapt its production capacities according to its sales forecasts.
Simulate different scenarios to meet business challenges.

Challenge existing business processes to ensure they are state of the art.

Our approach

Allocate S&Op.

Deliver process bits and deploy as batch validation progresses.

Do not underestimate the importance of repositories and data interfaces.

Our solutions

Sales planning
Analysis of the sales forecast (entry and consolidation)
Capacity Planning
Production forecast by product line
DVS_S&OP_Supply Chain
S&OP Model – Definition of the Core Model and BluePrint of a luxury leader.

As part of the Supply Chain reengineering program, the S&OP project consists in the implementation of a common S&OP process for several entities of the group.

  • Improve the S&OP process

  • To allow for simulations to facilitate decision making